Collaborate Securely

Securely share real-time wound data efficiently and effectively with wound team members

Respond Intelligently

Automatic alerts to changes of concern; notify responsible clinician with a single tap

Document Efficiently

Automatically log all interventions, communications and actions taken by your team

Improve patient outcomes

Point-of-care assessment, real-time calculation of standardized scores, and wound progression tracking means significantly improved patient outcomes.

Collaborate Effectively

Securely share images with a single tap to streamline processes, provide rapid access to expertise for complex needs, and keep the entire wound care team up-to-date no matter where they are.


Improve measurement accuracy

Our machine vision technology identifies changes in size, shape and colour invisible to the naked eye.

Up to 10x more accurate than ruler-based methods, Swift in conjunction with clinican judgment can reveal changes that might normally go unseen.


Integrate with telemedicine

Whether in your clinic, hospital or home, Swift lets clinicians easily capture wound images and securely share results with those who need to know.


Reduce costs

In conjunction with our web-based analytics platform, Swift aggregates wound data across all your organizations. Assess organizational wound care risks, costs, and effectiveness at a glance.



"Swift is a huge
improvement to how we
measure wounds at the
wound clinic."

Dr. David Kim

"I spend much less time
charting with each
patient - Swift records it
all for me."

Wini Kolich, RN

"Finally a simple way to
show colleagues exactly
what you saw. Brilliant."

Dr. Esther Chan

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